Margaret Thatcher Dies in IRA Bombing

By South China Morning Post at 9:30 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

In a tragic turn of events, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been assassinated by the IRA in a hotel bombing in Brighton. 5 people were killed, among them Sir Anthony Berry and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. This is one of the many violent events caused by the conflict between the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and the British government.

The conflict stems from the IRA and Northern Ireland’s wish to be independent from the United Kingdom. To get this wish granted, they have resorted to violence such as bombings and uprisings. Besides political independence, this is also a religious conflict between the Catholic Northern Irish and the Protestant British government. The British government has responded with acts to mitigate the violence like ending internment without trial.

During her time in office, Thatcher was coined the “Iron Lady” and advocated for Northern Ireland to remain within the union. Her powerful presence and ideas will be likely greatly missed as the British government tries to deal with the IRA’s demands as well as other political issues.

Thatcher leaves a power vacuum for her ministers to either fill or maintain until the next election. Regardless of what they choose, the issue of the IRA still needs to be addressed and done so in a way that doesn’t cause more death. Other countries will also look on to see how Britain addresses both the tragic loss of a prime minister and an escalating conflict within its own borders.

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