Mini - Interview with Thailand in ASEAN on Unethical Labor

By South China Morning Post at 3:28 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

What are the difficulties of fighting unethical labor in your country specifically?

Thailand: Illegal immigrant laborers

Are you planning on addressing illegal immigration?

Thailand: Another thing that Thailand struggles with is in addition to migrant laborers, Thailand also has a lot of human trafficking. Thailand also has a lot of human trafficking and so this means that it's hard for the government to find out when there's unethical labor going on because oftentimes it's hidden and people are tricked and their docs are taken away like passports, IDs, etc.

What is your hope for solving unethical labor?

Thailand: So my hope is that countries will be able to collaborate and address issues together, taking into account the situations of each individual nation.

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