Money, Money, Money: The Failure of Imperialism in the Opium War

By TeleSUR at 9:10 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

While sitting in with the British side of the Opium War, I asked about the politics of the war. I had heard enough about the economic implications, but not enough about the political influence of a win in this war. However, the committee reassured me that this war is fighting over money. The Master General of Ordnance advised that this war was just about money. It was about showing British economic superiority and the wealth of the empire. Just about money.

This was not shocking, as this is how most capitalist nations behave. They yearn for expansion without knowing the costs. The Representative from Dent & Co. got it right—the war, which has become an “anything you can do I can do better” competition, was becoming more and more expensive to fight. These funds, generated from national revenue, would fit better in government infrastructure that supports the people, not fighting pointless competitions of who can puff their feathers more. The United States was no different in the other war’s they’ve fought and the other efforts they have made to expand. This exemplifies the downfall of an imperialistic nation.

Imperialistic nations are all the same—they seek to expand their land but not better the lives of their people. They seek to spread their influence around the globe. Whether this influence is positive or negative is a question ignored by the imperialistic nations, but nonetheless, they spread their capitalist virus all over the world.

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