OPINION - Drunk Soldiers and TWO MILLION Burning Brothels? What is wrong with the British?

By Southern Poverty Law Center at 9:19 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

It seems like disaster follows of British everywhere they go. As British military forces move into Asia, damages from the nationwide opium addiction to the destruction of millions of buildings follow them. The British are destroying everything in sight for the meager goal of gaining territory for their own selfish gain. In this evolving situation, the British are miserably failing at their goal of taking over Asia while destroying the lives of native people.

This destruction and chaos came to a peak when British soldiers burned down two million brothels where they were stationed as a response to “being bored.” The committee agreed upon a directive to repair mortality by instituting a moral education program and a relief program for drunk troops. This is too little too late.

The British government only wants to cover for their soldiers rather than accounting for the damage that they have done. With their destructive action, the soldiers, nay, the British government have taken direct part in destroying the lives of native people. With their continuous imperial conquest, the British damage local businesses and hurt local people. As the British destroy everything in their path, they have no will to actually repair the damages to the people harmed from their idiotic actions.

In order to stop this cycle of destruction against vulnerable people, the British need to make serious steps towards repairing their damages and actually stop this behavior amongst troops. It is not okay to haphazardly put together inadequate programs to “reeducate soldiers” while reducing towns to rubble. This is a major problem and the British government must do more to make sure that they pay back the damage they have done to local people.

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