OPINION - UNSC: Hypocritical, Out of Touch, and Irrational

By Southern Poverty Law at 10:18 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

As the UNSC drafts a momentous resolution that aims to stop the conflict in Ukraine, their methods of peacekeeping come into question.

A major part of the resolution gives all peacekeeping power and military strength to a UN Peacekeeping Operation. This aspect of the resolution brings up major red flags and may call into question the UNSC’s ability for effective crisis solving.

Of the biggest concerns in this resolution is the hypocrisy that occurs throughout this document. While the UNSC states that it will aim to protect human rights and respect the rights of Ukranian citizens, the committee gives citizens absolutely no power. The resolution allows the UN Peacekeeping forces to have all governing power, allowing them to use brute military force to take prisoners, take siege of territory and hurt civilians. This reckless move by the committee practically replaces the corrupt government that previously existed with another, United Nations approved, and military power fueled regime that will continue to hurt civilians.

There must be revisions done to this resolution or it will lead to corrupt UN involvement in a nation that has been seeking sovereignty for years. If this current resolution is passed, it will lead to mass death, brutal military attacks and will only be a continuation of the existing system. Even more devastating are the effects on Ukranian citizens. It is not the UNSC that is directly affected by this conflict but the civilians in Ukraine. While they face this conflict first-hand, the United Nations Security Council tosses suffering citizens a bone and thinks that it will be enough. Citizens will die in Ukraine, but this time, the blood will be on the hands of the UNSC.

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