OPINION: Transportation Goes Places

By The Onion at 2:48 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

A concern on collaboration and communication has come up within the members of ASEAN. I believe it is difficult to hear the voices of everyone in the committee as, after every statement, it seems that either China or Indonesia (more often than not Indonesia) is intervening and making snide comments. Recognizing the Philippines' point regarding transparency, it seems that not every comment is being recognized. The Onion finds that it is most important for each nation’s voice to be heard regarding this issue. Indonesia spoke for almost 30 minutes on how even developed countries have dire needs and began interrupting Malaysia after their spiel. When some of the developing nations tried to speak up about their concerns, they were silenced by the bigger, developed nations. There seems to be some level of corruption and supremacy within these discussions, for the idea of having transportation in countries where it does not yet exist is more important than “countries that struggle with traffic” as Thailand brought up. Thailand designated themself as the scribe and possible leader(?) and often drowned out other opinions. What are your thoughts?

Transportation… it’s going places

-- Brian Chen | Judger of The Onion’s Work

If people were encouraged to build their own cars, they would take more pride in their automobiles and get in less accidents

-- Cody Fellinge | Either Jeffery or Jeffrey

I enjoy being transported places by various things, i.e. my feet, buses, cars, trains, horseback, etc.

-- Nisarga Ramesh | The All Amazing TruthOut

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