Opinion - Abolish the UNSC

By Fox News at 9:17 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The United Nations Security council has frequently worked against the wishes of the

United States, the one nation hosting the UNSC. How can America stand for such disrespect on

it’s own soil? It’s time to abolish the whole UNSC.

The United States has always acted with peace in mind - the original framers of the

constitution believed that peace and freedom were hand in hand, that democracy would

guarantee peace. As long as the constitution stands, the United States has single handedly

protected all cases of freedom across the world, exhibited by NATO and our strategic

partnerships in central America and the Middle East. Since the UN started existing after World

War 1, terrorism has only been on the rise, and the UN is the central sponsor of it. Just look at

the endless anti-Israel resolutions from UNHRC, or the disrespect given to Americans in

UNGA2. It all boils down to one thing: America has given the UN too much power for too long,

that they became against its own upbringing and started harming the sanctity of the United

States. The UNSC is a prime example: The current Ukraine resolution made it so that Ukraine

gets to walk away from everything scot-free, while the US still needs to work to make sure it's

peaceful - all while the UN does nothing.

A prime example of the situation above is in Iraq: after the 9/11 bombings, America had

to single-handedly rid the world from the curse of the Taliban and their weapons of mass

destruction. How is it acceptable that America is held responsible for protecting itself on the

other side of the globe, when the UN was meant to solve this problem? The only answer to this

question is the fact that the UN actively terrorizes American sovereignty from their New York

office, causing mass dismay and forces us to embark on missions to defeat them, a part of the

deep state.

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