Opinion - China, in all committees, is using its power for tyranny across the world

By Fox News at 1:43 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

CTSD, UN-HABITAT, UNSC - what do all of these committees have in common? One delegation is overstepping their role - the People's Republic of China. Some of the main principles of the United Nations - diplomacy, restraint, and collaboration - have been completely thrown out as China continues their campaign of tyranny. In the United Nations Security Council, China has not compromised at all during yesterday's sessions, and seems to have continued the trend, according to the Jakarta Post. In CTSD, China frequently used its influence against the direction of the committee, stifling debate and collaboration.

In the United Nations Human Settlement Programme, China was one of the most vocal delegates, insulting and disrespecting the United States time and time again, leading the delegate of the United States to frequently have to explain simple terms to China, like micro-economy or sanitary waste systems. This only continued throughout the whole committee, with the amazing and spectacular dais to have to frequently move on. When such tyranny comes from one nation across all committees, one has to assume that all the Chinese are collaborating to ruin other nations within all committees, leading to stifled debate and increased Chinese dominance across the globe.

This tyranny can be especially seen in ASEAN: as delegates were arguing for increased public transport, China was against everyone else, trying to kick-start roads, a private method of transportation. How can any respectable dais stand by and let this happen? They need to take immediate action to censure and remove China. Suspiciously, the place Podesta and Clinton, both pro-Chinese liberals, keep minors in the basement of a pizza shop in Brooklyn, is only 5 miles from the UN headquarters, which is suspicious. Is China behind Pizzagate? Unfortunately, the Chinese do not seem too willing to divulge such important information.

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