Opinion- Ukraine doesn't deserve the terms of the UNSC resolution

By Fox at 9:16 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Time and time again, Ukraine has been disrespectful to America and its allies, frequently

going into shady dealings, and flouting the Trump administration. How can the UNSC protect

such a nation which only causes hardship to the most important nation on earth, the USA? First,

they actively weakened their own military by giving up their whole nuclear arms stockpile to

Russia - only strengthening their apparent “rival”, then they claimed that they wanted to join the

European Union. After a few years enjoying support from the EU without paying any dues, they

decided to go back to Russia, all the while stealing Russian crude oil. The second Russia

occupied it’s former territories, illegally occupied by Ukraine after the Soviet Union fell, Ukraine

protests and turns in on itself, and allows themselves to be ruled by the Biden family. When

Trump was close to finding out the Biden conspiracy, where the Bidens exploited and stole

Ukrainian gas, he suddenly got pulled into an unjust impeachment theory with no evidence

outside of an unofficial testimony.

Ukraine has shown to be irresponsible time and time again, and still, the Security

Council trusts them. This vicious cycle of the UN funding Ukraine’s chronic mismanagement

needs to end: we need to let Ukraine collapse and reform itself into a better society. The terms

under the UNSC deal - giving Ukrainian votes the choice of leaving for Russia - is unfair as

Ukrainians have shown, time and time again, that they are not deserving of democracy, and

need justice without being subsidized by the whole world.

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