Opinion: ASEAN Is More Put Together Than My Life

By Buzzfeed News at 1:26 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

ASEAN continues productive debate on their second topic and is moving along efficiently.

ASEAN completed their first topic at the end of the fourth committee session, which took place this morning. At the start of the fifth session, they immediately jumped into passionate debate, illuminating their countries’ beliefs on unethical labor in international corporations. Almost all delegates were engaged in the moderated caucuses and took turns so that everyone’s ideas were heard.

By their second moderated caucus, the committee was already discussing solutions. Each country brought something new to the table and discussed what had and hadn’t worked for their countries in the past. They bounced off of each other’s ideas effortlessly. Some of the ideas that they focused on during debate were education, law making, child labor, migrant workers, funding, and labor unions.

In less than an hour, they started working on bundles of ideas for their resolutions. Initially, they split into two blocs for resolution drafting, but have mentioned a possible merge during committee session six. It was beautiful to watch them realize the similarities of their countries and how most are opposed to large loans and outside non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Minute by minute, I watched them come closer to solving an issue that harms the lives of so many. This is by far the most productive committee I have sat-in on and I am impressed by their relentless work-ethic.

In the midst of a dark time in the World, it is comforting to know that there are so many students who are passionate about solving global issues. The delegates in ASEAN have given me hope for the future of the World. I hope they give you hope too.

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