Opinion: Attendance For UN-Habitat Is Low, But Their Idea Are Plentiful

By Buzzfeed News at 10:57 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The attendance for UN-Habitat hit an all-time low today, but they have plenty of ideas to craft an effective resolution.

This morning, I had the pleasure of joining the UN-Habitat committee which is discussing important issues like access to adequate housing and sustainable waste management. Issues like these are prevalent all over the World, yet they hit underdeveloped countries the hardest. Today, the committee continued debate on Topic B, which focuses on adequate housing, an issue which is so important as our population continues to grow at a rising rate. In 2007, 2 million people were evicted from their homes around the World with nowhere to go. These are real human beings who deserve a roof over their head to keep them alive. Governments and UN bodies need to work together to save their people from dying on the streets.

Sadly, only five delegates called in to debate this morning. This is 1/3 of the delegates that signed up, based on the country matrix. A number of delegates this low can make it difficult to accomplish anything ground-breaking. However, the group is a mighty bunch, and they continued to push on for a resolution that would solve this pressing issue.

Countries like the US, Mexico, China have proposed unique solutions. The US spoke on how to finance a solution like this, “The US suggests the solutions of subsidizing costs, shelter micro- financing, and community-managed funds.” They continued later, suggesting using an intergovernmental organization (IGO) to connect with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Mexico suggested an exchange program between pairs of countries to receive materials needed and get rid of materials that are not needed. Lastly, China threw even more ideas out to the committee saying that, “Piling all costs together and distributing it equally would work better.” I think it’s clear that this committee has plenty of ideas for a resolution. They just need to put them all together to make a detailed resolution. I have faith in this powerful group of five and believe that all accomplishments they make, as a group as small as they are, should be celebrated.

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