Opinion: China is the new USSR

By Fox News at 1:20 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

During the past committee session in ASEAN, one country stood out in its need to dominate: China. Seemingly unphased by the mass of other nations arguing against it, China stays insistent. Encouraging and committing to working with southeast Asian nations, China is actively expanding their sphere of influence in the same fashion as USSR with the Warsaw pact: woo the nations with large promises of roads and infrastructure, and force them into submission when they realize that they will receive nothing. In ASEAN, China is magnifying this ideology to the maximum.

China’s strategy in this committee is simple: give and promise mass infrastructure projects, such as road and rail, throughout the southeast asian region, all banked on loans from the PRC. Next, claim as if the nation cannot pay the loans back, and simply take over the piece of now-vital infrastructure, and threaten to dismantle it if the country rebels. This can be seen within the committee: Thailand needs to act cautious with their ecological policies as China ran a railroad through it, and Singapore's ports are highly reliant on chinese trade. China’s enhanced infrastructure system, as proposed in the committee, will only increase the level of control they have over Southeast asia, leading to mass control over the region, effectively creating a new Warsaw pact of nations forced to rely on its overlord. America can not let this happen: it must act to prevent this act of aggression from the Chinese.

Unfortunately, the nations do not seem to want anything but money from western nations, offering only to take grants and loans from them without giving anything of value back.

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