Opinion: Singapore Needs To Help Out The Struggling Countries Of ASEAN

By Buzzfeed News at 12:12 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

Singapore has well-developed transportation infrastructure unlike many other countries in ASEAN.

Singapore, a country in Southeast Asia, is currently debating with the rest of the countries in ASEAN on Public Transport. Unlike most of the countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a subway system called the MRT, which is "clean, efficient, inexpensive, and easy to understand" ( SMRT buses routes travel across the entire country and can take its passengers wherever they need to go. If they have such a successful transportation system, why aren’t they helping other countries develop something like this?

During debate, Singapore explained that “what works for one country may not work for another”. While this may be true, I strongly believe that they need to share what worked for them and how they put this system into place to the other struggling countries of ASEAN. They also made the point that it will be important to “measure the need for funds”. This is easy for Singapore to say because they will not be needing the bulk of the funding because of already having a working transportation system. It should also be noted that Singapore is being looked at by other countries as a potential source of funding. This is another reason why they were hesitant on discussing large amounts of funding.

It is clear that out of all of these countries, Singapore is the most developed. I believe it is up to them to support the other countries of ASEAN and bestow their wisdom upon them. They have been through the struggle that countries like Indonesia are facing. It is important that they share their experience to the committee, so that they can make a solution to this pressing issue fast. If they continue to sit back and watch, ASEAN will not be able to make an effective solution to their transportation crisis.

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