Opinion: The Failure of the Free Market

By TeleSUR at 1:50 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

It did not take long to realize that the menagerie of nations in ASEAN were really not all that different. Despite the obvious reason that they were all similar, their Southeast Asian origin, they were strikingly similar in who they were attempting to appease. China was the top gun at the round table, a King Arthur of sorts. They had pulled Excalibur out of the stone, and oh, did they flash that gilded sword of wealth in face of the other nations. China’s wealth, even after the pitfalls of Maoism, can obviously be attributed to strong central planning. This is something that the other nations lacked. Compare China to a nation like Japan. Although Japan has a free market economy, they were awfully silent during debate. Japan’s influence is nothing compared to that of China’s, who practically has the committee kissing their feet, fanning them with palm leaves, and shining their crown on its platform.

Vietnam, who also has a leftist economy, is one China’s royal court officials. They’ve talked about the importance of China’s support and their resources that can be allocated to the cause. But nations like Thailand have attempted to entertain China, just as a jester would. They have spouted claims about the importance of sustainable infrastructure, even getting angry at one point, raising their voice, widening the eyes of others. However, China has simply cast them aside. They yield and bend to China.

China’s unprecedented power in this committee can be attributed to the power of a left-leaning economy, where the people don’t interfere with the governments business. The royal court of China in ASEAN will prevail. And, when China says jump, everyone will ask “How high?”. This will greatly influence the remainder of committee debates and the final resolution, we just have to see what China comes up with.

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