Opinion: The Great British Drug Trade - Hopefully All Dogs Go to Heaven

By Truthout at 9:25 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The sun never sets on the British Empire, they say, but this statement is beginning to become antiquated. Very soon, the British might be plunged into the dark. The British are currently engaged in a war (when aren’t they?) against the Qing Empire in Southeastern China, where the British have been establishing a lucrative opium trade. The Chinese, obviously displeased with their citizens being struck down with deadly addictions, have been fighting back using soup kitchens, rehabilitation centers, and guns.

The Qing Empire is disgusted with the actions of the British. According to the Viceroy of Min-Zhe, their people are being “poisoned.” Opium is highly addictive and can ruin a person’s life with just one dose. The drug is a narcotic derived from the seeds of the opium poppy. The majority of British opium is made using opium poppy seeds grown in India, also known as the Jewel of the British Empire. The people of India disagree, however, and find British colonialism to be a violation of their rights. India is protesting the British Raj and the British are trying to violently subdue them. People are dying for their freedom. As the Chinese combat British forces, what they are really fighting against is this, the cruelty of British imperialism, where they’ll be exploited for a profit.

The fighting has been rampant: territory switching hands, assassinations, espionage operations, and much more. Both sides are building their militaries, but China is focusing on humanitarian efforts to help their people who are still becoming opium addicts. The Chinese are fighting for their people to be healthy and free from British cruelty. 
One feature of the Chinese plan was to prevent the British from importing opium into China using drug sniffing dogs that could spot shipments full of opium so authorities could dispose of them. I say “was” because, recently, Great Britain’s disregard for life became more clear as they slaughtered all of the Chinese drug sniffing dogs. Chinese officials were devastated to hear what happened. 
The British have gone too far. What they did is utterly inhumane, and they need to be stopped. We have yet to find out of British cruelty has an end, but China is tirelessly working towards defeating British forces. For the sake of both humans and dogs, let’s hope they succeed.

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