Opinion: The IRA Is Harsh, But At Least They Are Honest

By Buzzfeed News at 3:23 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

An IRA representative agreed to a peace talk, but they are not open to compromising.

In the second half of the Cabinet’s last session, peace talks began between the IRA and the UK. This was a great accomplishment, as the IRA had previously not been open to talking. As expected, the IRA representative made his opinions on the issue clear. He stated, “There will be no more persecution of IRA members. This is our demand; we will not have it be met any other way.”

Then, a member of the Cabinet asked about the IRA’s stance on removing their ships from Northern Ireland’s waters. The IRA representative fired back almost immediately, “If you do not get rid of your ships, we will get rid of your ships for you.” That’s definitely a threat, but at least they are letting the UK know ahead of time.

Another member posed the question, “What are we getting out of this [peace] agreement?”. Yet again, the IRA was brutally honest. They responded by saying, “Absolutely nothing. The British Crown is an oppressive regime that should be burned to the ground immediately.” It’s clear that this representative is not worried about hurting any feelings when it comes to the UK Cabinet. The IRA then exposed the Cabinet about a secret military hideout. They said, “If the British Government does not immediately respect the sovereignty of the IRA, I can guarantee you that your hideout that you have right now, the military one… will be immediately bombed.” The Cabinet replied back they weren’t aware of a secret military hideout.

To say the least, this peace talk between the Cabinet and the IRA did not get too far. The IRA has strong beliefs and refuses to agree on any deal unless it gives them what they want. This unwillingness to compromise could be seen as harsh, but I’ll say it again, at least they’re being honest.

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