Opium War? What’s that?

By CNN at 12:02 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

When opium was presented to the world during the 7th century, it was purely medicinal and nothing more. In the last century, the course of opium has changed and it is now a highly addictive substance.

Opium was originally found in poppy flowers in Great Britain and through trade, slowly made its way to China, overtaking the country with behavior similar to the coronavirus. The issue has spiraled out of control since its inception into the country.

You might be asking, how did this happen? How did a seemingly harmless drug spiral out of control so quickly?

As opium began to creep its way into the Chinese society in the form of British trade, during the gradual westernization of China the demand for opium increased and so did the trade locations. Farms started appearing within India and parts of Bengal to “meet the insatiable country's needs”.

As bans of opium took over the country, the underground opium trade has skyrocketed. British smugglers bring opium into china and, as usual, the illegalization of the drug has only increased addiction rates. This will begin to affect the society of China as a whole and as Britain monopolizes the opium trade, problems will only worsen. Currently in China, talks of war are being proposed. It is believed that this may be the only option to completely stop the flow of opium into China.

The underground opium trade has severely impacted China and increased the vulnerability of the Chinese economy. China must play their cards right if they want to take back their country from the forces of addiction and smugglers.

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