PROFILE - Vietnam in the UNSC

By Southern Poverty Law at 10:14 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

While discussing the conflict in Ukraine, Vietnam was a strong activist for the passing of a UNSC resolution which could potentially bring peace to Ukraine. Shortly before voting on the resolution, the Southern Poverty Law Center interviewed the delegate from Vietnam about the humanitarian aspects of this resolution.

When asked if the delegate believed that the proposed resolution would be in favor of civilians, Vietnam said yes. The delegate further elaborated that the resolution would allow citizens to determine their own fate and give them more strength. Overall, the delegate concluded by saying that this proposal will allow citizens to determine what will happen to them and can serve as a morale boost.

In response to the question, “how will this resolution protect the rights of Ukrainian citizens,” the delegate responded that it is hard to tell if it will. However, Vietnam affirmed that the goal of this resolution will be to give sovereignty back to Ukraine and it will be good to let Ukraine determine what is good for itself. They acknowledged that while negative responses may arise from giving Ukraine sovereignty, it is still in the best interest to allow the country to govern itself.

The final question posed asked the delegate what kind of change this resolution would bring to Ukraine. The delegate from Vietnam responded that this resolution will work towards ending the proxy war happening now and giving power back to the people. They concluded by stating that this will change the situation in Ukraine for the better and will prevent citizens from getting “pushed around like pawns.”

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