Perspective and Profile: Representative from Dent & Co. in the Opium War

By TeleSUR at 1:47 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

As debate continued to intensify in the British side of the Opium war, a curious figure stuck out. Even though the Master General of Ordnance had reassured me that the war really wasn’t advancing quickly—despite the late Governor of Macau’s plans to speed things up a bit—one could not deny the tension and urgency in the air. New plans were being drafted about how to get the most economically out of the war, and quickly, the once-demure Representative from Dent & Co. had something to say. The representative was quick to refute the pro-prosperity statements of the Master General and of his colleagues. At first, I was confused—the representative was supposed to be all for wealth. But soon, I realized that they were not arguing to protect the Chinese economy, but rather, they were arguing not to “obliviate” trading opportunities for Britain (Representative from Dent & Co.). This comment was met with some objection, and soon, the Representative had become a one-of-a-kind, adamant, and brave figure in the conversation. It was the comments that aim to protect a government from greed that set them apart, and I believe the representative will continue to be an amicable figure in the committee.

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