Profile- The United States, choosing to side with caution in UNSC

By Fox News at 9:14 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The US, under the current administration, has had a significant decrease of their

presence in the United Nations, as President Donald Trump has shifted focus on more

important issues at home. The US, choosing to act impartial, has worked with others on creating

a resolution with a holistic outlook, looking for the future peace of Ukraine and Russia on their

shared border. Successfully deterring some unwanted additions and removing impartiality, the

United States stood strong against unwanted changes, creating a resolution which seems to

have the support of the rest of the committee.

The United States seemed to have a much stronger grasp on the Ukraine Situation than

any other delegate, understanding the small intricacies of the situation. This is quite different

from the situation in 2014, in which Obama completely mishandled the situation, causing the

years-long war between the two nations. When the new administration rolled in, the UNSC

greatly benefited from a delegate as successful as this one, who is able to solve all of the

problems left over from the Obama administration by simply using correct diplomacy and

respect towards America.

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