Profile: Russia in UNSC’s Stance On Peacekeepers

By Buzzfeed News at 1:33 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

UNSC is currently debating on the conflict in Ukraine. Resolutions are in the works, but this often leads to disagreement between countries. The committee has become split between countries who want peacekeepers in the resolution and those who don’t.

Russia believes that military action in the form of peacekeepers are a must. Here’s what he said:

BUZZFEED: “What is the main reason why you want military action?”

RUSSIA: “Because of past accusations with polls—Russia obviously denies that. [But] with a peacekeeper force there [in the resolution], this poll would be totally legitimate and then therefore show that the people of East Ukraine and Crimean actually favor Russia and therefore western countries would not have any proof or evidence that Russia has interfered with the polls again.”

Russia made it very clear that they want peacekeepers to be involved in the resolution for their own benefit. But will they be able to convince countries who strongly believe otherwise, like Tunisia, to involve them as well? Debate in UNSC continues and Russia will fight for the solution they need.

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