Protecting Corporations instead of Civilians

By Southern Poverty Law Center at 3:12 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Today, the CSTD passed a resolution with the mission of protecting consumers from the harms of technology corporations. While the committee has gone through much discussion about the specifics of the topic, they fail to address the true issue of protecting consumers.

This resolution seems to be dedicated to shielding corporations and merely talking about the issue of tech monopolies rather than addressing who is suffering. The document seems to address what monopolies should give back to the public, but does not address what will change after this happens.

Additionally, the methods in which monopolies are supposedly “kept in order” are vague. The committee suggests that the individual countries create groups within the government that will shield consumers from monopolies. Their entire plan rests upon the creation of these organizations and if this goal is not successfully accomplished, any change suggested by the CSTD will fall through and continue to lead citizens vulnerable.

The CSTD must reconsider the resolution that they have passed and better understand that they do not have the political ability to enforce such legislation. When countries do not institute such systems into their government, it will leave civilians vulnerable and at the mercy of tech monopolies.

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