Security Council Begins Debate on the War in Ukraine

By The Economist at 11:14 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

In a United Nations body well known for struggling to find consensus, the first half hour of the UNSC’s debate was marked by a near-unanimous agreement of the scale of the humanitarian conflict in Ukraine’s Eastern Donbass region and the urgent need for aid to the struggling citizens. The exception was the Russian Federation, who denied the existence of any humanitarian crisis and insisted they were simply aiding the people of East Ukraine in their desire to join Russia. The delegates then, to the disappointment of Russia, chose to launch into a moderated caucus on the subject of Russian intervention in the Donbass region.

Delegates continued to emphasize humanitarian aid, with some, such as Niger and Tunisia, reluctant to push UN involvement, continuing to heavily support the idea of humanitarian aid. Those voices for humanitarian aid were not the sole voices speaking however. “We are the Security Council and it is our responsibility to create and maintain peace in conflict regions,” the United States reminded the committee. Estonia echoed that delegate’s words soon after. The debate has only just started, but with such consensus on the importance of humanitarian aid, onlookers can be hopeful that a solution centering on aid may be the result, a benefit for the citizens of Ukraine’s besigned East.

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