Technological Monopolies – Overly Controlling or Immensely Helpful?

By Sky News at 11:57 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The CSTD committee is moving into voting bloc after an eventful day of debate centered on the topic of the development of artificial intelligence in war technology. The resolution passed with flying colors as the committee unanimously voted in favor for the resolution.

With a resolution achieved in the first topic, the CSTD committee smoothly transitioned into open debate on the second topic: Consumer Harm from Technology Monopolies. To start off debate, the delegate of Kenya stated the obvious in claiming that technological monopolies can provide immense benefits while wreaking havoc on consumers at the same time. To prevent the detrimental impacts of technological monopolies, Kenya passed price control acts and consumer protection acts to mitigate the harm caused by tech monopolies.

The delegate of the US voiced his agreement with Kenya, as the representative of a nation in which many monopolies are based, the delegate admitted that the US doesn’t support uncontrolled monopolies. Therefore, the US proposed that a compromise be achieved to ensure minimal consumer harm.

To further demonstrate the benefits of tech monopolies, the delegate of Cuba expressed that Cuba has a planned economy in which companies are state-owned. This is a prime example of how monopolies can flourish if regulated by governmental policies.

The CSTD committee also did a wonderful job of recognizing the need to restrict the power of tech monopolies. The delegate of Iran stated that monopolies have a tendency to ignore customer needs and can effectively terminate their competition. With this amount of power, monopolies have the authority to raise prices and escalate to an unethical level. The delegate of Kenya added on to claim that monopolies slow the rate of innovation by encouraging unfair competition. She proclaimed that instead of using their profits for research, tech monopolies use their power for lobbyists or simply hoard the cash.

This detailed and captivating debate makes it clear that this mighty group of delegates are soon on their way of gauging the advantages and disadvantages of tech monopolies in drafting their plans.

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