The Alphabet or Something More...?

By The Onion at 11:49 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

After much confusion and many technical issues, the UNSC figured out ways to start discussing humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Side note, France finally figured out how to raise his hand! Proud of him! While Russia argued that Ukraine did not need assistance, the US blamed Russia for “affecting the polls.” It seemed almost astounding how any progress was being made with all these conflicting viewpoints, loud speakers, and just general vibe of the committee. The Onion was very doubtful that anything would happen since people seemed to not care about what was going on during committee and discussing their own things. The Onion sincerely believes not much can be said about the state of the UNSC since they seemed to care more about letters and using the raising of hands as an excuse out of speaking than they did about the issues being debated. Not to mention France’s ego, but we will not go there. Regarding Ukraine, The Onion truly believes that Russia is at fault not only because of the facts but because even its ally, Vietnam said there was some tampering. What do you think?


russia is chill, how dare you say otherwise

Parth Gupta | Professional Chair Sitter


(@UNSC dias) Help me! Oh, help me! I’m injured, I’m in horrible, horrible agonizing pain. I’ve fallen!... fallen in love with your beautiful eyes. haha! gotcha how you doing baby

Brian Chen | Solicitor of Memes


P5 should actually be the weakest countries so that they are represented

Cody Fellinge | The One The ONLY DG (except for Isabella bc let’s be real, she’s fabulous)

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