The British Are Coming, and They’re Ruining Everything!

By TruthOut at 2:02 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

In South East China a conflict is raging. The British Empire is trying to sink its claws into the lucrative trade in the South China Sea. Their wares? Opium. For those who don’t know, opium is a highly addictive narcotic drug that can get unsuspecting people hooked with a dependence that they can’t beat. The British have been exporting opium to ports in Southeastern China, where the drugs are brought to opium dens and innocent Chinese citizens become addicted. These addicts need more opium, and the British get to sell them more opium. This is a cruel practice that prioritizes financial gain over human lives.

Understandably, the Qing Dynasty has not been pleased with the British drugging their citizens to make some coin. This has led to the outbreak of conflict throughout Southeast China. The British have captured the region of Formosa. China is attempting to turn the tides through grassroots and military measures.

In Chinese ports, the Qing have been introducing dogs trained to sniff for drugs so they can block opium imports. Additionally, they’ve been trying to establish clinics to rehabilitate opium addicts and into functioning citizens. Some have been considering the idea of cutting off the British source of opium: fields in India.

The Chinese military is small, only 30k troops, against the 200k British troops, However, the British can’t get complacent because the Chinese have been working hard to rapidly increase their military might. New policies are being created left and right.

Recently, actions have escalated with the assassination of the Prince of Macau, leaving the British in Macau vulnerable. Considering how Macau is a major port in the transportation of opium into China, this is a great opportunity for the Chinese to destabilize the British trade.

China is working hard to build a strong offense, and the British should look out. China is going to be made great again.

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