The Final Goal: Analyzing the Philippines

By TeleSUR at 9:29 AM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

I had the chance to pull the Delegate from the Philippines aside for a chat. We dove deep.

My interest in the Philippines grew when I noticed initially how timid they were in debate. Not the shy kind of timid, more so, they seemed steeled. They were waiting for a chance to talk, so I gave it to them. Along with this, I wanted to dig deep into their association with the United States—64% of the Philippines citizens state that the United States is probably their best ally. So, naturally, I wanted to see if this was true in the government as well.

The conversation started off typical—the usual pleasantries. However, I jumped right in. We talked about their nation’s economy, where the delegate revealed that the Philippines is currently rapidly expanding, both in their economy and population. I asked if the government was interfering in this in any way, they said no. The government even underfunds efforts for expansion, and they depend most on foreign intervention. This was very interesting to me. This was my time to strike.

I asked about western nations and their economic influence in the Philippines. The delegate asserted that most funding comes from Asian Development Bank. I narrowed to asking about the United States, and she asserted once again that most funding came from Asia. This was interesting. Maybe the United States wasn’t supporting as many economic allies as they thought they did. But, nonetheless, the conversation continued. The Philippines expressed what I had garnered from the remainder of the group—a general yield to China and their unique motives. The delegate reassured me of the tensions I had felt between China and the South East Asian nations and the previous conflicts that they had. The delegate was quick to explain the goal of the resolution:

TeleSUR: So basically, you want to have sustainable and basic transportation, so that if something happens you don’t have to start from square 1?

Philippines: Exactly.

As debate continues to escalate in ASEAN, it is evident that the delegate from the Philippines, if given the chance, will become a formidable force in the committee.

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