The Great Compromise of 2020: UNSC’s Collaboration and Clover

By TeleSUR at 3:10 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The UN Security Council has come to a compromise.

A resolution for improving the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is right around the corner for the UN Security Council, but at first, a considerable factor was holding them back. The blocs were split on the usage of political rhetoric in the final resolutions. Vietnam and Russia headed the politically neutral bloc, who believed that a resolution “should be free of any political wording” (Delegate from Viet Nam). The United States and France lead the charge for political intervention, where their resolution supported recognizing “Juan Guaidó as the rightful interim President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” in order to “progress towards democracy” in the nation (Cluster of Ideas 2.0 & Delegate from the United States). However, it is through compromise that all great things happen. The committee teamed up to garner the support of all of the member nations. Compromise was easy and successful enough, and soon, a consensus was underway.

The politically neutral block agreed to clarify their language on economic sanctions—that the United States so desperately yearned for—while the other bloc agreed to lose the political language, as they should’ve. But, moreover, an uncanny figure sticks out. The nation of Niger has been effectively silenced on the issue, and no matter how great the compromise, Niger is left helpless.

Niger would like to stay extremely neutral on the effects of the resolution because of their dependence on Venezuela’s oil, but it left them in a position to be a great source of information on the issues the committee was going through. No matter what the resolution, Niger cannot enact anything against the steady, strong government of Venezuela. But, nonetheless, they still did not support the western nations in their “attempt to create political instability by supporting Juan Guaidó” (Delegate from Niger).

Overall, it is through committees and collaboration such as this that great solutions come to fruition. As the committee continues to refine their resolution, time will tell their success.

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