The Sun Sets on the British Empire

By TeleSUR at 1:16 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Britain’s Cabinet is moving along with their plans for resolving some of the issues in their nation. Margaret Thatcher is dead, but her capitalist spirit is alive and well in the members of the Cabinet. Secretary of State for Industry essentially the late Thatcher’s loyal servant. The Secretary founded Thatcherism with the aforementioned, only to receive no credit for it. But, nonetheless, they continue to spout pro-free market propaganda, even going as far as to assert that “private ownership of businesses creates an environment of more risk and reward and generates more wealth”, without acknowledging the negative effect that this capitalism measure has had on Britain’s economy. The Cabinet even sought to improve the economy with their ‘Business Boost!’ plan after an economic slump due to poor central planning. This plan foolishly sought to improve their economy with inflation, which apparently did not turn out well for them in the long run. Interim Prime Minister also admits that there’s “less capital in small business”, meaning that this Thatcherism ideology barely even works.

To revisit this Prime Minister figure, whose policies are not his own, but simply, a shadow of what Thatcher would’ve done. A government with such weak figures—who simply act out of ideological obligation—is not an effective government. This explains their ineffectiveness in stopping the problems with their ill-advised right-leaning economy and the ineffectiveness they have had in protecting their own people.

As their debates come to a close, and they slowly inch closer and closer towards solutions for the trouble on their plates, the people wait patiently for a solution to their capitalist, right-wing grievances. They are reminded that the cabinet is ineffective—just as their own Interim Prime Minister muttered, “in all honesty, there’s not a lot of confidence in our cabinet at the moment” (Interim Prime Minister). Yeah, obviously. The sun doesn’t set on the British Empire, but when it does, it gets real dark, really quick.

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