The UNSC Cares More about the Alphabet than they Do about Actual Issues

By The Onion at 10:49 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

While the United Nations Security Council should be discussing topics of importance, the committee seemed to just be discussing the difference between the arbitrary topic A and topic B. Why would anyone care about A and B, it is absolutely ridiculous. Indonesia yelled about how A was apparently more important despite it not making sense. The Zoom call rang with the unreasonably loud sounds of Indonesia’s speech about how topic A was so important while the committee ultimately voted to move into B. The dias claimed that B was “the meat and potatoes,” so it evidently had some importance, but its importance was not explained. The UNSC’s productivity has proved to be a topic of concern and not much progress seems to be happening. While they should have been debating about how to keep the world safe, there were constant issues with who should be speaking. We need peace and security, but the UNSC has been debating for hours and hours about A and B. Absolutely unreasonable. We should be worried about how well our international community when organizations like the UNSC care more about letters than they do about international issues. The UNSC spent a resounding 20 minutes trying to figure out the logistics of voting. Are these the people we want in the position of handling our international relations? Not to mention the loud DING!s and the inability to actually vote throughout the committee session… horrendous.

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