The riveting discussion of breakfast food in the CSTD because food is obviously technology

By The Onion at 3:13 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The most important topic of discussion just came up in the CSTD… the best breakfast food. Though the reporter of The Onion has a horrible habit of just chugging coffee for breakfast (, lunch, and dinner), the CSTD delegates seem to have more refined palettes. Their sentiments are expressed below, unfortunately their positions were not recorded, so this shall be a fun matching game:

avocado toast

smoothie or pancakes

avocado toast

eggos or waffles

pancakes, eggs, hash browns

smoothie or waffles

waffles (esp w maple syrup)

omelet (vegetarian, vegan, goes w everything)

hash browns and pancakes


bagel with some cream cheese

bagel or donut

sugary cereal because carbs… they're good


waffle kinda guy, so I gotta say waffles

hash browns, french fries of breakfast

bernice: pancakes… blueberry pancakes

southern poverty law center: hash browns but Kellen said those were bad soooo… I’ll go with rice

kellen: hash brown = bad, overrated, obviously have an unrefined palate. pancakes or waffles -- Belgian waffles over pancakes from some other place

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