The “Morale Boost” DOC Will Not Work

By BBC at 12:26 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The Cabinet of the late Margaret Thatcher has drafted a Document of Committee with the intent of raising community morale and reducing religious tensions between Protestants and Roman Catholics by holding two carnivals in Belfast and London respectively. The carnivals will be held in three weeks and will be open to everyone, and the draft includes a prohibition of religious discussion “to avoid tensions.” Twelve British police officers will be charged with patrolling the carnival in case of an IRA attack.

This carnival could easily end in severe bloodshed, since it plans to host a large group of Protestant unionists and will be open to everyone. The twelve officers will do little to deter the IRA一 they’ve already attacked and killed hundreds of people. The abundance of promotional materials and advertisements placed across the British Isles will not be very helpful, and the ban on discussing religion would be difficult to enforce and is an infringement on the right to free speech held by both citizens of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The Secretary of State for Industry noted that “the people running the carnival could request more military backup.” Who else than the British government would be running the carnival? It is a government-officiated event that is being brought to fruition in a government document. She also claimed that the IRA wouldn’t attack the carnival because “there will be children there.” This likely isn't true, because the IRA have severely harmed children before, evident by the slew of bombings from 1971 to the present that have left children critically injured or dead. The Minister of the Arts explained the decision to have twelve officers, saying “we didn’t want to have too many.” The Interim Prime Minister said the carnival could be a huge event一 is this something to be appraised?

The goal of the DOC is admirable, but the logistics and policies are very questionable. It seems like a reckless attempt at making the people of England and Ireland feel content and comfortable when really it risks their lives. The outcome of this carnival could be devastating.

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