Transportation in Asia. A want or a necessity?

By The Blaze at 11:36 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has chosen to entertain the topic of transportation [Topic A] over the topic of unethical labor [Topic B] in today’s first committee session. Many countries bring up the reasoning that if they had better transportation, the people would be able to hold better jobs and better education. Therefore the economy would be better overall. Many have also brought up the idea that any sort of transportation infrastructure needs to be helpful and not harmful due to climate change. Although this topic is important and needs to be addressed, the lack of support for a more ethical problem is concerning. China was one of the few countries that supported Topic B, China stated, “China is a country in which most of its rural population is paid an unlivable wage of $2 an hour. As it is affected by [unethical labor], China is looking to stop the growth of unethical labor by large corporations while also preserving countries' economies.” China’s priority of helping its population affected by poverty and unethical labor is one that other countries should take as an example. As China stated, stopping the growth of unethical labor is incredibly important in helping create a safe country. The delegation of Laos also expressed a need to debate Topic B over Topic A. Laos expressed that they have a human trafficking issue, making Topic B more pressing and urgent than Topic A. When talking in terms of roads or human trafficking the importance one over the other is clear to most, but it is not clear to most Asian countries in today’s debate.

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