UN-HABITAT: Ambitious or Miscalculated?

By Southern Poverty Law at 1:19 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The UN-HABITAT has announced that they plan to pass a resolution that will tackle the complex problem of building equitable and sustainable housing for people living in urban slums. This resolution addresses a multitude of issues including repairing economies, establishing massive international government organizations, and defining what affordable housing means worldwide. The resolution looks at the problem of urban slum housing and further expands from there to address even more serious issues that vulnerable people face. The question is, is the resolution rightfully ambitious, or it is just a vague bundle of hastily put together ideas?

The answer can be found in the fine print of this resolution. As the committee writes this resolution, they include specific instructions for governments to take for them to ensure equitable housing. A clear example of this in the fourth and most ambitious point of the resolution where the UN-HABITAT gives suggestions on how governments can heal weak economies. The committee lays out a five-part solution in which they address the problem as a whole. Starting with the suggestion to subsidize loans, the resolution points out how to support shelters and community infrastructure as well as how to financially help small businesses and create jobs for people in slums. Yes, this is an extremely ambitious goal. And yes, this resolution does have flaws like any other. But taking a step forward towards a more equitable future is the right move.

While there will be aspects of the resolution that fail, the others will be successful and lead to positive change. Every idea of this resolution pushes the world to be a better place and opens up discussions about how to solve social inequalities in our society. The UN-HABITAT is doing the correct thing by taking momentous steps forwards to protect humanity and give hope to vulnerable people. The huge ideas proposed will benefit the world and it is honorable that the committee has taken the steps to suggest these massive changes.

Through this resolution, many other social inequalities are addressed alongside sustainable housing in urban slums. One of the most important issues addressed is protecting the poor. In the resolution, the committee specifies how to provide medical attention to people in poverty, how to provide public transportation access, and instruction to develop shelters. The UN-HABITAT uses this resolution to address other systematic issues and provides compound solutions for each one of them. If this resolution is successful, it will bring momentous change for social inequalities around the world and will ensure that all people are given basic human necessities.

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