UN-HABITAT: China’s Thoughts On Housing Issues

By BBC at 2:50 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

A BBC Reporter had the chance to talk one-on-one with the delegate representing China in the

United Nations Programme for Human Settlement.

[BBC]: Do you think that it is the responsibility of individual countries to house their citizens?

[China]: Yes, I do believe that should be the case. Many countries do not provide housing for their citizens, like China. China has a lot of debt, so working with IGOs and NGOs would be a great solution, as well as with other UN-HABITAT member states, we could get more funding. [BBC]: Have the members of the UN-HABITAT done enough to meet Goal 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals?

[China]: No, I do not believe so. Currently we have a great issue with slums. China has villages, but respects the need to assist people who live in slums. There have been great improvements, but there’s still so much that that the UN-HABITAT can do [To meet Goal 11].

[BBC]: Do wealthier countries need to support underdeveloped countries in eliminating slums?

[China]: Most definitely. Undeveloped don’t have adequate funding and the economy isn’t stable enough to support their own needs, and it’s the responsibility of other, more developed nations to provide aid.

[BBC]: Do you think UN-HABITAT could model intergovernmental organizations after existing NGOs?

[China]: We might be able to recreate more economic NGOs like the Red Cross. There are so many NGOs that do so much and embody values we consider important. Making an IGO like them would maximize the benefit for the most amount of people.

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