UN-HABITAT’s comprehensive solution to increasing welfare in urban slums

By Fox News at 1:39 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The United Nations Human Settlement Programme is close to unanimously approving a comprehensive package guaranteeing a better future for those living in urban slums, spearheaded by the United States and with significant collaboration with China. The resolution takes a multifaceted approach to dealing with such an important issue, and aids the urban poor by creating a cost-effective and efficient system of healing weakened economies, creating life-saving amenities, and creating an IGO to enforce it all.

The international governmental organization in charge of enforcing the guidelines made by the resolution seems to have a very effective structure, being a watchdog to verify if a country is eligible to be worthy of loans and aid, and can be used as a way for loan-issuers to make sure that the country would spend the money wisely. It would work with other IGOs and NGOs to fundraise for its own grant program, to supply essential supplies, such as toilets and affordable housing, to urban slums. The United States, acknowledged that sanitary conditions, such as sewage and human waste, take precedence over transportation systems and coded it so into the resolution paper.

The United States has taken on a position of being cautious with spending: in the committee, America actively requests for a cautious approach for letting governments create more hospitable conditions, and not overspend on unneeded clauses, such as spending on bureaucratic efforts within the resolution package. In addition, governments can sign on to special loans and grants under the United States plan, allowing for cheaper construction and less money being spent onto applying for normal loans, which have higher interests. Overall, the whole committee agrees that this one document is a great solution towards guaranteeing adequate housing.

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