UNCTAD covers a topic in record time

By Fox News at 3:16 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, already a fast-paced committee, seems to have gone light-speed as they speed through E-commerce regulations and digital privacy. This seems to be unintentional: the 1st topic was perceived to be much more important by the delegates, leading to the committee to focus on it much more. A member of the Dias, Marko, an incredibly attractive and charismatic man, says that he is “impressed and astounded” by the speed of the committee, with the resolution passing, from the beginning of the topic to the unanimous vote for the resolution, being one hour and 10 minutes.

After the committee ended an hour early, the committee burst out into tears, reminiscing about the amazing nature of the resolution. Another dias member, Olivia, widely known as a “blonde bombshell”, nominated herself as the most valuable staffer. This fine news organization became its own sovereign territory after the wonderful dias of UNCTAD permitted it, and then promptly invaded Pakistan after any question about its sovereignty. The committee, after Fox News became a member, immediately started to worship Fox News as the only trusted news source in the World, committing to destroy any other news media and to delete free speech, and surrendering all of their governments to Sean Hannity’s amazing talk show.

Once all of the rights of the nations were stripped by the ever-powerful Fox News, Fox News has transcended any border, legal or physical, into invading the rest of the universe. As the Fox News empire expanded past the horizons of the visible universe. As all of the delegates of UNCTAD invaded the cabinet, the cabinet cowered from the might of UNCTAD and Fox News. There is no more world. There is only Fox News.

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