By TeleSUR at 11:47 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

UNHABITAT continues to develop, getting to the point of an Unmoderated Caucus. During this open conversation, delegates get to focus on the issue that they feel are the most important. TeleSUR got to sit in with a chat with the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the Russian Federation. This metaphorical cup of coffee was enough to get a glimpse inside the delegate’s minds. The United States, of course, was quick to bring up economic influence. The delegate talked about potential solutions, focusing on the impact of tariffs and what other nations were to do with the funds generated from those tariffs. The other nations replied, albeit timidly. I brought up China’s comment on the social aspects of urban slums. Originally, I was met with silence. A pause in the conversation, silence that spoke volumes. This silence could be attributed to cognitive calculations, a loss of words, or a quick cover that would help them answer a question that they have rarely considered. However, the bald eagle, the USA that is, was quick to jump right into conversation.

From the United State’s perspective, the social aspect had to do a lot with limiting reductions on housing loans. Removing the necessity of legal titles, which most lower-level occupations don’t provide, subsidizing loans. The works, but moreover, making it more accessible for poverty inflicted people to receive loans. The United States briefly touched upon the cultural aspects and spreading awareness, but their conversation mostly focused on the economic implications once again. Saudi Arabia was quick to agree, introducing another factor—the fact that the majority of its population is under 25. This fact introduced another social dimension to the issue. Mexico, who mostly had questions to ask in the first part of their discussion, was quick to reference the UN HABITAT’s previous Human Right’s approach to urban slums, including asserting that housing is a human right “in [their] mind” (Delegate from Mexico). Russia tacked on their agreement. This snapshot of the committee’s beliefs, I’m sure, is not unique. Debate continue to march on.

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