By TeleSUR at 11:48 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

Russia’s admirable approach to Urban housing is one that needs to be considered by the remainder of the UNHABITAT committee. While all other nations are discussing the difficulties they have had in mitigating this issue in the first place, Russia only asserts its need for improvement inside it’s borders. It’s left leaning economy has ensured quick government intervention in the issue at hand. They approached it like this: they designed one type of apartment building, a simply duplicated it around the entire nation (Delegate from Russia). This made it extremely affordable to fix this issue of housing. While the other capitalist nations leave the repairs to the damaged system in the hands of the wealthiest, the most corrupt, social democracies take it up to the government to serve the people, as they should. The United States simply cannot compare—their housing crisis, albeit not what it used to be, has been shaped by years of capitalism, political lobbying, and corrupt government that put effective, clean, and safe housing options in the hands of the richest. Maybe the nation should follow after Russia’s example, just as other great nations such Venezuela have, to put government support behind people once again.

Not only that, but the United States, out of every committee member has perched itself in international affairs, quick to offer support. However, this support is worth nothing because the United States is still fixing their housing problem. They are only successful by the skin of their teeth. They have put little consideration into the social aspects of the issue—when I asked about it, I was met with preemptive silence, followed by discussion of loan, so more money—and have only focused on the economic aspects of the issue. As UNHABITAT continues to debate and discuss, it is evident that when it comes to resolution, there will be a clear victor.

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