UNSC Discuss Russian Intervention In Ukraine

By BBC at 1:37 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

About an hour into the committee session, the delegates of UNSC entered a moderated caucus on Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine. The debate surrounding Russia’s actions was intense, and included serious accusations against Russia, discourse on recognition of the Crimea as Russian territory, and talks of military action.

The delegates discussed the validity of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine, with the United States refusing to recognize it and labeling it as completely illegal. The delegates discussed whether Russia’s annexation was valid or not, with the United States refusing to recognize the Crimea as Russian territory. Russia cited the 2014 Crimean Status Referendum as their reasoning for annexing the peninsula, but many delegates still refused to accept the annexation as justifiable.

The Dominican Republic urged his fellow delegates to factor in the public opinion of the civilians of Eastern Ukraine before making any large decisions, including decisions to be made about Russia’s interference in Ukraine. They also noted that a truly neutral body would have to recognize Russian aggression, criticizing its classification by the rest of the committee as a belief or talking point.

Niger believed that Russia is not truly at fault and doesn’t deserve to be punished. Tunisia highlighted the importance of neutrality and remaining apolitical, which would likely lessen the severity of any action taken against Russia. They also reiterated the need for humanitarian aid, valuing it more than discussion on Russia’s actions.

Some delegates brought up the topic of using military and economic action to support Ukraine in their efforts against Russian militants. Others denounced this, saying that it would only worsen the conflict and make the threat to civilian safety more significant.

Vietnam pointed out that the Russian separatist forces would exist with or without Russia’s influence and interference, and the UNSC should move past Russia and focus on eliminating as much bloodshed as possible.

Russia contested claims that they violated international treaties, and Vietnam was quick to make known that any agreement Russia might have violated would not have been legally binding and thus there was no action that could be taken against them.

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