UNSC Has Their First Unmoderated Caucus

By Buzzfeed News at 1:27 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

As blocs are slowly beginning to form in UNSC, the countries engaged in their first unmoderated caucus. I joined France, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Estonia, US, Russia, and Vietnam in their breakout room where they began to discuss a draft resolution.

They spent most of their time debating if peacekeeping forces should be included in their resolution. The US believed that it was very important to include peacekeeping. The Dominican Republic pointed out that if peacekeeping is put into the resolution, they need to be careful about the wording they use, in order for it to be passed by the committee. US explained that the peacekeepers they would put into place would “not [be] allowed to fire, unless they’re fired upon.

However, the other bloc which includes Tunisia and others, is against any military action in the form of peacekeeping. They are in favor of a more neutral resolution that focuses more on humanitarian aid without involvement of the military.

It’s unclear whether these countries with dramatically different beliefs will ever come to an agreement. Their next move is to hold a moderated caucus on the topic of peacekeeping. Hopefully they will be able to compromise on this section of the resolution to mitigate the conflict in Ukraine.

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