UNSC Must Come Together to Find a Resolution

By CNN at 1:21 PM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

The United Nations Security Council is split into two. However, the lines that divide them are not as thick as they seem. UNSC has split into two blocs and to be successful in finding a resolution it is key that these ideas are merged.

The more progressive block led by the United States, France, and Russia makes strides to support civilians caught within the ongoing humanitarian crisis within Ukraine. This bloc yearns to grant Ukrainian citizens the independence that should be granted to all humans, and the Ukrainians “believe that they have earned the right to independence”. To give back these basic rights the bloc believes that military force is required. They do not want violence or brutality within the borders of Ukraine, but peacekeepers, which they describe as “a vector for humanitarian supplies”.

The opposing block has a nearly identical ideals to the ones represented by the more progressive bloc, but they want to carry out their visions a little differently. They go so far as to proclaim that they “denounce military force”. They would rather send it relief packages in than peacekeeper military forces.

A delegate came forward in an interview with suspicion that the leader of the opposing bloc, or bloc 2, will cave in before the end, and merge resolutions. Hopefully, this decision is made, as I am confident it will be incredibly beneficiary for the welfare of the Ukrainian people.

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