UNSC: A Committee of Hypocrites

By TeleSUR at 3:13 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

The UNSC takes a stab at the great nation of Venezuela.

When watching the events that unfolded in UNSC’s work towards a resolve of the so-called ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Venezuela, the hypocrisy in their words and their resolution is perfectly clear. Why should nations who have their own great internal conflicts speak on the supposed ‘catastrophe’ in a stable government such as Venezuela?

Take Tunisia, who is facing a massive economic crisis with a massive unemployment rate. Why does that delegate feel qualified to fix an issue when their people barely have jobs? As for the Dominican Republic, the delegate spouted meaningless facts on sanctions. The Dominican Republic has a major problem with violent crime—they practically have a constant humanitarian crisis of their own. The Russian Federation—who has kept quiet through most debate, despite them being a sponsor of the final resolution—has one of the most corrupt leaders in the world at its forefront. It’s indisputable that these nations have no inkling at all on what it takes to fix the “humanitarian crisis” that Venezuela is being “plagued” by.

The worst of all, the great, free nation of the United States of America. A nation that preaches equality, freedom, and prosperity. A nation with a leader incompetent to have his tweets censored for violence. A nation with people who protest a government protecting them from a potentially lethal virus. A nation with its own people rioting against it. A nation plagued by the influence of the right wing.

A nation suffering from a deadly, terminal disease. A disease that’s a silent killer. They say the disease doesn’t discriminate but it does. A nation that tells its people that they must work hard enough to protect themselves from the disease. A nation that perpetuates the death of its people by this terrible, malicious, nefarious disease. A disease called capitalism. When the United States finds the anecdote to this disease—just as the Dominican Republic must find a cure for its crime, Tunisia for its economy, and Russia for its corruption—then it can truly speak on the state of Venezuela.

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