Western Europe cannot be trusted as leaders of innovation.

By Fox News at 11:54 AM 5/30/2020 (PDT)

All too frequently throughout history, Europe has been portrayed as a force of good: from the dramatic frescoes of Michelangelo to the scientific knowledge at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), EU member nations have enjoyed significant attention as the leaders of the first world - and that’s stifling innovation.

Throughout the first session of CTSD, time and time again, it has been evidence that the west - with the exception of America - has fallen into the cautious route. Instead of arguing for increasing the scope and abilities of upstart technologies such as AI, they have instead gone for creating boundaries for poorer countries in need to obtain these technologies. Take Germany for example - frequently, they have been quoted as saying that certain nations do not deserve AI technology - so much for Western equality!

Nations like America have stepped into Europe's former unifying position - by working with a long list of delegates from all around the world, including rivals such as Iran, America is solidifying its newfound position as the leader of the free world, a sharp rebuke from the former Obama administration, which only worked with a small set of countries.

Some delegates from Western Europe have been completely silent or have spoken only with isolationist motivations, suggesting that Europe is not up to the task to manage the world stage anymore, giving the reins to more competent nations such as Trump’s America and Russia. How can such nations be trusted in creating international regulation when they are engaging in selfish acts such as isolationism - the exact same policy that led us to WW2?

America keeps standing strong as the leader of the free world, only solidified by this administration. With Trump’s rise, the golden eagle of American diplomacy not seen since Reagan has risen again, with European countries hiding in cowardice from the sheer force of American freedom.

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