repetitive echos of price controls and regulations on tech monopolies

By The Onion at 2:09 PM 5/31/2020 (PDT)

Perhaps as a sort of blessing, at the beginning of the final CSTD committee session of KINGMUN 2020, Japan motioned for a moderated caucus on the events of the committee on their second topic. They stated that technological monopolies, which we can assume must be their topic, can be beneficial and have detriments making their statement seem somewhat zerosome to our reporters. After, Kenya spoke up regarding their confusion on why there were two resolutions when everyone was seemingly in agreement on the issues. Among some sentiments, there were speeches stating how each delegate was “proud of the work of the committee” and was “looking forward to continuing to brainstorm ideas.” While each delegate droned on about their repetitive recapping, the United States proposed a roundtable through their wise words: “each disagreement we have is just confusion” resulting in a lighthearted chuckle from the CSTD dais. Each country’s statements are summarized below:

Iran: technological monopolies should be regulated because they have benefits and detriments

Germany: all nations want to compete in the technology sector -- encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge so that everyone has an equal playing field

Brazil: similar to Germany, sharing data will help keep other businesses to keep up with monopolies

Bulgaria: regulated to protect the interests of consumers, protection in data - first priority. sharing of data is important but there should be regulations through price-capping

Central African Republic: regulations based on price, if price goes up, the country will go into debt

Cuba: regulated, passing more acts, decrease consumer harm, winout gov int the private sector should not benefit the economy

India: foreign businesses must have limits to protect consumers

Japan: regulations and restrictions to ensure that businesses and consumers are not harmed. regulation bodies to report yearly on practices

Kenya: Kenya has its own regulations, so they do not mind ignoring price control. If other countries don’t have their own regulations, Keny encourages having them

Mexico: make trust forms stronger

Nigeria: support the idea of enforcing regulations to reduce the harm played on various regions on the tech monopolies

Pakistan: although it is important for money and prices to be in control, our committee should focus on safety of data and harm. with the regulation of safety of consumers, prices will come in hand

Thailand: regulate what tech monopolies do with private information, provide some regulations so small businesses can also start up, key start-up information

Turkey: technological regulations are necessary, innovation and consumer protection, control within their government

Turkmenistan: regulation, something about competition, essentially the same as above

United States of America: happy about how the round table went, price controls are not a US policy, so that won’t work. services are free (I like to hear that)

After their round table, the CSTD transitioned into a passionate discussion of how cool Microsoft and Apple are. “Apple is an oligopoly.” - United States

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